Relays Product filter

Relays are electromechanical switches and are used to turn circuits on, off and on. They offer the ability to control a circuit with high voltages and currents with a small circuit. This allows a relay to be used very well, for example, as a protection relay on machinery and equipment, to switch off immediately if the operating values are incorrect. In addition, they are very well suited to control time-delayed circuits of any kind.

Solid State Relays Product filter

Electronic solid state relay are the counterpart to classic mechanical relays. They are electronic circuits made of semiconductor devices and other electronic elements. Semiconductor relays have no moving parts and are therefore wear-free, so to speak. They are the electronic alternative to classic mechanical relays.

Toggle Relays Product filter

With the Toggle relay, a load can be switched with a button. If a positive / negative pulse is applied to terminal 15, the relay switches and stops itself. With another pulse, it is switched again. The stepping relays are available in electronic and mechanical versions, two operating voltages and two different sizes.

Special Relays Product filter

Special relays are all relays that are not part of our standard program. By way of example we show some special relays which are equipped with different additional circuits, such as Decoupling diode and / or freewheeling diode, can be ordered. Further relays are realized on request.

Voltage Monitors Product filter

Voltage monitors are relays that switch the connected loads when exceeding or falling below a predefined threshold voltage. Here you will find various versions of the voltage monitors from MRS Electronic.

Frequency Monitors Product filter

Frequency monitors are relays that switch the connected loads on or off when a predefined frequency threshold is exceeded or undershot. Here you will find various versions of the frequency monitors from MRS Electronic.

Flashers Product filter

Flashers are relays that can be used for directional and hazard warning functions in different vehicle types. Here you will find the different versions of the flasher unit from MRS Electronic.