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Connecting a Smarter World

MRS Electronic is a global electronics solutions provider, serving the world’s leading automotive and specialty vehicle companies’ needs for smart electronics, controls, embedded software, connectivity, mobile subsystems, and complete custom end-to-end solutions.

Through our sister company and main production plant in Rottweil, Germany, we also provide turnkey contract electronics production, logistics services, along with EMC and environmental testing.



Our Products

Controllers by MRS Electronic

Smart Controllers

Controllers are digital electronic systems that work in the simplest case with four components.

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The MicroPlex® controllers are the smallest and smartest CAN controllers available worldwide. With a footprint of just two Micro 280 style relays.

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Gateways by MRS Electronic


Gateways are the central point of contact for all control units. This allows for error-free and secure communication between all controls.

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An HMI system serves as an interface between the operator and the process. Using an HMI system, production processes can be coordinated and controlled.

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Your position on the market is also our success. Our products and services can be found in a wide range of industries. We handle different requirements from the various areas daily with our team in Dayton.

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Teamwork worldwide

With our company here in Dayton, our headquarters in Germany, a sales sepresentative in France and 9 sales partners, we support you around the world!


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