Our MicroPlex controllers are the smallest and smartest CAN Controllers available worldwide. With a footprint of just two Micro 280 style relays and a drag-and-drop configuration tool, even non-software engineers can build their own CAN Bus enabled power distribution systems.

Telematic Modules log relevant data from your vehicles or equipment. We have a wide range of modules capable of collecting and transmitting telematic data, from basic data loggers to touch screen display systems, we have something to fit your needs.

Our compact electronic controls usually work digitally and have inputs, outputs and interfaces. Use these components to control your vehicle applications, machines, or systems. A programmable memory allows individual control instructions to be stored and executed via the outputs.

As a central point for all control units, our gateways provide high performance in the transmission of data and information. MRS Gateways are used primarily in the automotive sector, where they can control, coordinate and communicate to all control units in the vehicle. These modules are characterized by error-free and secure communication.

With our electromechanical relays you can switch circuits on, off and over. They offer you the possibility to control a circuit with high voltages and currents with a small circuit. Thus, a relay can be used for example very well as protection relay with machines and devices, in order to switch off immediately with wrong operating values. In addition, our relays are very suitable for controlling time-delayed circuits of any kind.

Our HMI systems are an interface between the operator and the process. Coordinate and control your application with a HMI system. It provides information in a simple way so that the operator can react based on this information. In this way, you can compensate for the ever-increasing demands and more complex processes on vehicles, machines, and systems.

With our software tools you can program the MRS modules quickly and easily. The graphical programming interface enables you to display commands and functions for MRS CAN products and PLC controls in a simplified way. You do not need in-depth programming knowledge. Basic knowledge of digital technology is sufficient to implement time-saving functions with the software tools. Of course, we also offer you appropriate training.

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of suitable accessories for the expansion or optimization of controllers, relays, gateways or HMI systems.


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