MicroPlex CAN Controllers

Meet the smartest and smallest CAN Power Distribution Module (PDM) system that fits into any ISO 280 format fuse box: The MicroPlex™! With a drag-and-drop configuration tool, even non-software engineers can easily create and implement a very powerful as well as inexpensive IP67 CAN control and diagnostics systems.

Gateways Product filter

Gateways are the central point of contact for all control units. You can transmit and evaluate all information and data, so all ECUs can communicate and work with each other. They are used primarily in the automotive sector, where they control and coordinate all control units in the vehicle. This enables error-free and secure communication between all controllers.

HMI-Systems & Digital Gauges

An HMI-system serves as an interface between the operator and the process. This efficient system enables companies to compensate for the ever-increasing demands and increasingly complex processes on machines and plants. Our digital gauges can be fully customized to suit your application. We can do everything from custom software to graphic user interface (GUI) design - and all in house here at MRS Electronic. Take a look at our example and feel free to reach out, we'd love to hear about your project!

Fusion Telematics Module

Fusion Telematics Modules are a part of our new generation of Connected Products. The Fusion FT15 is our standard model and our FT10 comes in an IP69K sealed housing. Our Fusion Telematics module comes with a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-A9 processor. The Fusion comes packed with a rich set of wired and wireless interfaces, including CAN (3x), LIN (2x), Ethernet, I/O (5), LTE, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Find out more about our Telematics Modules by clicking on a model below. Our Telematics Modules come with a pre-installed AT&T SIM card and are connected to the Spoke.Zone telematic and data management software by default. For more information about Spoke.Zone check out Softwave Solution's website here: https://softwave.solutions/spokezone/

Relays Product filter

Relays are electromechanical switches and are used to turn circuits on, off and on. They offer the ability to control a circuit with high voltages and currents with a small circuit. This allows a relay to be used very well, for example, as a protection relay on machinery and equipment, to switch off immediately if the operating values are incorrect. In addition, they are very well suited to control time-delayed circuits of any kind.