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Individual solutions to control DC motors in vehicles

To control direct current (DC) motors in vehicles and mobile machines, we offer you the perfect solutions. The main applications include acceleration and braking processes of the motor or the variation of the direction of rotation. In addition, the motor current can be monitored and thus the motor can be switched off or reversed at a previously defined threshold. For this purpose, MRS offers various motor controls with different current consumptions.

Applications of our Motor Controllers

MRS motor controllers are used in various vehicles, for example in the agricultural and commercial vehicle sector or for construction machines, special vehicles or generally for automotive. With our individually programmable controllers you can realize nearly all conceivable applications.

Motor Control of lifting systems

Control of lifting systems

Use our motor controller to control lifting systems in your special vehicles, such as the ambulance stretcher or the coffin lift function in a hearse.

Control of temperature regulation of hydraulic oil coolers

Control of temperature regulation of hydraulic oil coolers

Using our motor controllers you can control the automatic temperature regulation of electrically operated hydraulic oil coolers by increasing or decreasing the fan speed so that the oil temperature remains below a defined value.

Comfort function controls

Comfort function controls

Control various comfort functions such as automatic seat adjustment of the backrest or footrest, electrically adjustable side mirrors, opening and closing of doors or trunk lids, or operating the blinds.

Your Advantages of MRS Motor Control Systems

Precise control

Precise Control

Our controllers are especially suitable for slow electrical acceleration as well as smooth control of motors and execution of functions.

Durable products

Durable Products

Due to electronic full bridges, MRS motor controllers have no mechanical wear. Our modules are therefore maintenance-free and particularly durable.

High functionality in smallest installation spaces

High Functionality in Smallest Installation Spaces

Our space-saving and robust products offer you high flexibility. They are easily programmable and highly customizable for a wide range of applications.

Suitable for Retrofitting

Suitable for Retrofitting

MRS controllers are particularly suitable for retrofitting existing vehicles. We offer simple and very flexible solutions for any application.

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