Special Vehicles

Control and monitor complex conversions and auxiliary equipment

Special vehicles usually have a limited use and serve to fulfill a special task. Integrate our modules in a wide variety of applications and customize your special vehicle. The flexible use of our MRS controllers and gateways enables you to perform a wide variety of control and monitoring functions for complex conversions and additional equipment.

Special Vehicles

Special vehicles categories

Municipal vehicles

Municipal Vehicles

Use our relays for voltage monitoring. And control the hydraulic lift relief for your front coulter and the folding out of your side coulter with our MRS controls.

Private sector vehicles

Private Sector Vehicles

Your special vehicles in the private sector also benefit from our MRS modules. For example, you can easily control various hydraulic functions of your tow truck with our CAN I/O products.

Emergency vehicles

Emergency Vehicles

Use our particularly precise and reliable MRS modules in your emergency vehicles, such as for engine recirculation control or the level indicator of your snow groomers.

Forestry vehicles

Forestry Vehicles

Special purpose vehicles are used in the forestry industry. Use our robust control modules to control your crane trucks or mountain harvesters.

Media vehicles

Media Vehicles

Media vehicles have many measuring devices and receiving technologies. Use our MRS controllers to drive the motors of your mast and antenna alignments for smooth retraction and extension.


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