Hydraulic Control

Robust solutions to control electrohydraulic systems

Control electro-hydraulic movements of your vehicles, such as construction equipment, agricultural or municipal vehicles, using our compact and waterproof MRS modules.

Control a wide range of hydraulic valve types

With our compact and waterproof MRS controllers, you can control a wide range of hydraulic valve types, regardless of whether they are switching (on/off) or continuously (proportional) controlled valves.

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Directional Valves

Our solution is used to control directional valves for changing the direction of the hydraulic fluid. For example, you can enable cylinder extension and retraction or change the direction of rotation on a hydraulic motor.

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Pressure Relief Valves

Use MRS modules to dynamically set the required pressure of the hydraulic system, e.g., by means of a proportionally controlled pressure relief valve, and thus protect the hydraulic circuit from overloads.

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Flow Control Valves

You can also use MRS modules to control flow valves, i.e., to control the flow rate in order to adjust the speed of movement of cylinders and motors.

Applications for mobile machines

In the field of hydraulic control, our easily programmable MRS modules are used in particular in mobile machines, where they enable a wide variety of functions.

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Agricultural Vehicles

Control hydraulic functionalities of your attachments such as a round baler, a mower, a loader wagon and many more with our ISOBUS certified components.

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Construction Equipment

Control a wide range of applications in your loader or excavator with the help of MRS modules.

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Municipal Vehicles

Quickly and easily control the functions of various attachments, such as the mower, the casting arm or the front-mounted sweeper.

Hydraulic Control at Pöttinger Landtechnik

The Austrian family-owned company PÖTTINGER is a specialist for grassland, soil cultivation, and seeding technology in the field of agricultural technology. With our hydraulic solutions, we facilitate functions in PÖTTINGER loader wagons and provide hydraulic control for mowers and round balers.

Our products used:

  • Micro PLC CAN
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[Translate to English (US):] Ladewagen

Loader Wagons

Control of the hydraulic cutterbar swivel

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Hydraulic control of mower units

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Round Baler

Hydraulic control of the tailgate and the wrapping and tipping process

Your advantages of MRS hydraulic solutions

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Material-friendly Design

Minimize wear and tear by using our MRS products by making hydraulic movements gentle on materials rather than jerky.

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High Functionality Even Under Extreme Environmental Conditions

Our waterproof rugged products with protection class up to IP6K8 offer you high flexibility. They are also easy to program and highly customizable for a wide range of applications.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Benefit from our years of experience and cooperation with well-known customers from various areas of vehicle electronics, such as Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH.

Everything From One Source

Everything From One Source

We offer you complete solutions - from conception and development to production and support. For standard products as well as for individual customer projects.

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