Agricultural Technology

Precise and robust control mechanisms for your applications in the field

Our solutions, specially developed for the agricultural sector, are ideally suited for controlling, monitoring and supporting the functionalities of your applications in the field.

Whether for stationary or mobile use of the equipment used. The compact and reliable MRS modules, combined with DEUTSCH DT connector variants and our ISOBUS-capable control system, enable you to implement precise and robust control mechanisms, among other things. For example, in agricultural vehicles, in crop cultivation, in forestry technology or in animal husbandry.

Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology categories

Agricultural Vehicles

Agricultural Vehicles

Use our MRS products in a wide variety of agricultural vehicles. From controlling your lighting systems to controlling your attachments, such as a front loader.

Soil and seed Agricultural technology

Soil and Seed

Use our modules to control the hydraulics of folding and unfolding your implements, for example, on an arable machine. Use our modules also for sowing with the help of seed monitoring, so you prevent waste and increase efficiency.

Harvesting & Grassland Technology

Harvesting & Grassland Technology

Use our powerful controllers for efficient applications in your cutting, harvesting and mowing processes. Applications include the mower, round balers or big balers, and boom control for field sprayers.

Forestry Technology

Forestry Technology

Use our MRS products also in control and monitoring systems of your forestry. Use our modern control technology, for example, to regulate the tractive force on the drum of cable winches according to the number of cable layers.

AEF Membership & AEF-Certified Products

We have been a member of the international organization AEF since the end of 2019 and develop ISOBUS-capable solutions for use in mobile machines and implements.

Your benefits of our AEF membership:

  • AEF-certified MRS products
  • Fast and reliable service through cross-manufacturer standards
  • Faster product development with the AEF Conformance Test Tool
  • Access to even more ISOBUS knowledge and support
AEF membership & AEF-certified products

MRS DEUTSCH DT Connector Variants

DEUTSCH plug connector

Experience robust solutions for your demanding agricultural environment with the new MRS DEUTSCH DT connector variants. DEUTSCH DT series connectors offer you high reliability and robust quality.

Your advantages:

  • High reliability and robust quality
  • Suitable for use in extreme agricultural environments
  • Use under extreme temperatures and high humidity



Success Story PÖTTINGER Agricultural Technology

As a specialist for grassland, soil cultivation and seeding technology, the Austrian family-owned company PÖTTINGER contributes to a sustainable increase in effectiveness, efficiency and quality in agricultural production. With the help of our MRS products, we facilitate functions in PÖTTINGER loader wagons and provide hydraulic control for mowers and round balers.

Our products in use:

  • Micro SPS CAN
MRS hydraulic control at Pöttinger Landtechnik
Loader Wagon

Loader Wagon

Control of the hydraulic cutter bar slewing system



Hydraulic control of mower units

Round Baler

Round Baler

Hydraulic control of the tailgate and the wrapping and depositing process


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