Light Control

Individual solutions to control vehicle lighting

Whether you need to switch the lighting on and off, monitor the load current, detect a broken light or afterglow of light bulb over a predefined time range - we offer you a complete product portfolio of controllers, connected controllers and relays for controlling light sources in your vehicles and mobile machinery.

Control of Vehicle Lighting

Especially for vehicles in the fields of agricultural and construction machinery, commercial, and special vehicles as well as in the automotive area, MRS controllers stand out due to our flexibility and programming individually adapted to the vehicle and the application.

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Direct lighting control according to user input

With our modules, you can control the lighting of vehicle interiors (Ambiance/ Mood Lighting) or activate interval-switched applications such as turn signals or hazard lights. The controls and relays receive the driver´s information via device input, usually a switch, knob or operating display, and forward the commands on to the respective light sources.

[Translate to English (US):] Indirekte Lichtsteuerung nach Motoraktivierung

Indirect lighting control after engine start

Our control systems enable you to automatically activate the work environment lighting of construction machinery when the engine is turned on (daytime running lights) or to switch on the revolving lights of special vehicles such as sweepers or snow groomers without operator intervention. The modules activate the lights when a defined action such as engine activation occurs.

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Monitoring, detection and warning of broken lights

Monitor the load current with our MRS controllers. If this decreases or fails, this is detected by the controller and an indication or warning message is sent that this light is broken and has failed.

Your Advantages of MRS Lighting Controls

Monitoring of load current

Monitoring of Load Current

Quickly detect broken lights by monitoring the load current with our MRS modules.

High functionality in tight installation spaces

High Functionality in Tight Installation Spaces

Benefit from the high flexibility of our compact designed and robust products. Easy programmability allows you to customize our modules for your applications.

Suitable for retrofitting

Suitable for Retrofitting

Use our products for simple, flexible and cost-effective retrofitting of your existing vehicles.



We offer you complete solutions - from design and development to production and support. Both for standard products and for individual customer projects.

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Our controllers usually work digitally and are in most cases equipped with four components (inputs, outputs, operating system and interfaces). With the help of these four components, machines or systems can be controlled. A programmable memory also allows individual control instructions to be stored and executed via the inputs and outputs.


MRS relays are electromechanical switches used to switch circuits on, off, and over. They are used, among other things, in machines and devices of all kinds as protective relays or to control time-delayed applications such as lighting control.

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