Innovative products and solutions for automotive electronics

Just as versatile as our MRS products are the industries in which we offer our flexible electronics, management and monitoring solutions. For example, our products can be used for lighting, engine and hydraulic controls, or use them as an interface between components and control systems.

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We are IATF-16949 certified and meet all major automotive standards. This allows you to use our controllers, relays and gateways directly without input testing procedures and save valuable time.

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Agricultural Technology

Whether for stationary or mobile use - our ISOBUS-capable controllers and compact MRS modules enable precise and robust control mechanisms in your field applications.

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Construction Machinery

Our compact and durable controllers, relays and gateways are perfect for use in your construction vehicles and equipment. Even in extreme vibration and environmental conditions.

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Commercial Vehicles

Create completely custom functions in your commercial vehicles with our MRS modules. Optimize data evaluation and transmission for reliable sensor-actuator communication with our gateways.

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Special Vehicles

The wide variety of uses our MRS controllers and gateways have enables you to implement a plethora of control and monitoring functions in your special vehicles.

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Optimize your fleet management and monitoring with our intelligent electronic maritime products. This will reduce costs and increase the reliability of your ship or fleet.