Software programming tool MRS Applics Studio

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The MRS Applics Studio is the new program tool for linked up controls of the new generation (32 bits) of MRS Electronic. All functions of the predecessor's studio MRS Developers were improved. Now with the own developed graphic program surroundings and the improved program possibilities it is even easier to be programmed your application. You find the documentation online under:

Note: The Applics Studio is currently only used for programming the CAN I/O – CC16WP and the Micro Gateway 32-Bit.

Name Type Order no.
MRS Applics Stu­dio Bund­le MRS Applics Stu­dio Software with PCAN USB In­ter­face 1.​100.​200.​00
MRS Applics Stu­dio MRS Applics Stu­dio Software without PCAN USB In­ter­face 1.​100.​200.​01