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The 2-fold proportional valve controller with CAN bus is used for the continuous control of two loads and is particularly used for the regulation of proportional valves. It is required for many hydraulic applications and realizes because of its two outputs double functionality with the same installation space. CAN High-Speed enables data exchange between the modules and ensures easy integration into existing systems. The microcontroller-based current control allows the desired output current to be specified using application software.

Control and readout of all values is possible via CAN bus. Fluctuations in supply voltage and temperature are compensated. This ensures a constant flow rate. To counteract stiction and hysteresis effects a dither frequency can be adjusted.

Technical details

Inputs and Outputs

Number of pins 9
In-/Outputs (total) 5
Inputs (total) 3
Inputs (analog) 3
Outputs (total) 2
Outputs (PWM capable, integrated current measurement INA) 2
Output type high side 2
Switching current 2,7 A


CAN interface(s) 1

Mechanical Properties

IP rating IP6K8
Housing material PA66GF30
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 mm


Programming software MRS Developers Studio


Temperature range -40 to +85°C
Operating voltage 9-32 V
Current consumption 30 mA 
Quiescent current (12V) 30 µA
Quiescent current (24V) 80 µA
Processor architecture 8 bit


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Standard Version
Sensor input 10 kΩ pullup


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