1.261.300.00E ( choose order option )

The M2600 ECO CAN PLC module is a powerful controller in a compact, half-shell steel (V2A) housing. Its wide range of possible I/O combinations and versatility to complement other control modules opens up a wide and universal range of applications across many industries.

Name Value
Dimensions 150 × 110 × 45 mm
Housing material V2A half shell
Connector type Tyco JPT
In-/Outputs (total) 26
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Protection class IP65
Type-approval number 05 7279
Type-approval E1 - ECE R10
Protocols CAN Interface 2.0 A/B ISO 11898-2, SAE J1939
Name Value
Number of pins 42
In-/Outputs (total) 26
Inputs (total) 14
Inputs (digital) 6
Inputs (analog) 8
Outputs (total) 12
Outputs (PWM capable, integrated current measurement INA) 8
Outputs (digital) 4
Processor family Freescale HCS12
Processor 16 bit
CAN interfaces 2
RS232 interfaces 1
RS485 Interfaces 1
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class IP65
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Current consumption 3 mA
External overcurrent protection 30 A
Quiescent current (24V) 30 mA
Quiescent current (12V) 3 mA
Programming system MRS Developers Studio
Name Model Order no.
M2600 ECO CAN PLC 2x CAN High-Speed, RS232 1.​261.​300.​00E
M2600 ECO CAN PLC 3x CAN High-Speed 1.261.303.00E
Required accessories Article number
Softwaretool MRS Developers Studio Bund­le 1.​100.​100.​09
Cable set to program M2600 ECO PLC 108890
Con­nec­tor Kit for M2600 ECO CAN PLC 108888
PCAN-USB Interface 105358
Cable FLRY 2 x 0.50 mm² white/green SL20 113085

What is the function of the status LED?

Status LED:
Red duration = error (watchdog)
Red flashing = voltage after 3sec <9 V voltage after 1 sec.> 30 V
Green - Duration = Bootloader active
Green - Blinking = Normal operation

The outputs do not supply voltage

Safety relay (DO_MC_OK) must be activated in the program -> Power supply of the HSD outputs.

Sleep mode does not work / module draws too much power in standby.

Module must be put into sleep mode via the module Sleep_Mode. Subsequently, the module can be awakened with KL15.

Which resistance values Pull Up and Pull Down are possible?

Pull Up 10k on VREF (5 V or 10 V) and Pull Down 1k8

Is there a digital input to measure the frequency?

Yes, they are the inputs DI_21 to DI_26

How can the duty cycle of a frequency be determined?

Activate in usercode.h //#define PWM_DUTYCYCLE_READ_ACTIVE. Here the expected frequency, the resolution and the digital input are defined. Unfortunately, this is only intended for one channel. If you want to use multiple channels you can use the following code in usercode_init ():

os_pwm_duty_read [PWM_DUTYCYCLE_READ_CH] .active = 1;
os_pwm_duty_read [PWM_DUTYCYCLE_READ_CH] .init_freq = PWM_DUTYCYCLE_READ_FREQ;
os_pwm_duty_read [PWM_DUTYCYCLE_READ_CH] .init_res = PWM_DUTYCYCLE_READ_RES;

Can different PWM signals (for example 8 V, 6 V or 12 V) be processed with the M2600?

No, due to the safety relay, the voltage from the VDD_UB is supplied to all S_VDDs of the two HSD drivers and thus no 8 V can be applied to an HSD driver and to the other 6 V voltage.

What function does the "IDENT" pin have?

It is a normal PU input.

Is the M2600 ECO CAN PLC capable of CAN wake-up?

Yes, the M2600 is capable of CAN wake-up.

How fast can the ADC converter process the analogue values and at what time interval are they available to the program?

The ADC converter needs a few μs, the conversion is triggered every 10 ms.
That means that every 10 ms new values should be available to the program.

Can the HSD outputs also be switched in parallel?

Yes, the HSD outputs can be switched in parallel. This increases the switching current from 2.5 A to 5 A at the output

How can the PWM outputs on the M2600 ECO CAN PLC be activated?

In the Developers Studio under "DBs edit" the Init must be set to 1 in the section "PWM Outputs".