Software Programming Tool MRS Realizer & Programming Station

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MRS Realizer is the programming tool for MRS controllers without CAN interface, such as our M1, M3, Micro PLC and our proportional amplifier. Programming the controllers is easy and fast because it is done via the relay contacts. You just plug in the module into the included programming station and that's it! No need to open the housing. MRS Realizer also makes it easy to organize and manage your projects and requesting pre-programmed controllers so you don't have to worry about programming at all.

In addition to the pre-built programs which you parameterize you can easily create your own programs via the Z-Graph feature. In Eagle® based Z-Graph you will find graphic function blocks (based on IEC61131). For use of our products we recommend to use the Eagle® version 7, which is free to download on the Autodesk® website.

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Software Programming Tool MRS Realizer & Programming Station

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