MConn Display - Connected CAN Display

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MConn is part of our HMI systems with a powerful 32-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 2D, 3D and vector graphics hardware acceleration. The display can be programmed according to your requirements for Embedded Linux, Android, QNX or WEC7. Thanks to the multi-touch PCAP touch screen, you can use functions such as pinch-to-zoom, rotation, flick and much more.

The MConn is more than just a display. It is equipped with numerous wired and wireless interfaces, including CAN (2x), LIN, Ethernet, USB (2x), audio, camera inputs (4x), I/O (22), 3G/LTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. As with all MRS connectivity products, the data can be read and evaluated via the SpokeZone. The MConn is available in a variety of display sizes, please reach out for more details!

Technical details

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs (total) 18
Inputs (analog) 6
Inputs (digital) 12
Outputs (total) 4
Outputs (digital) 4
I/Os (total) 22
I/Os (Input analog) 6
I/Os (Input digital) 12


CAN interface(s) 2
LIN interface(s) 1

Mechanical Properties

IP rating IP54 / IP65 (optional)
Housing material ABS
Dimensions 200.6 × 139.1 × 35 mm


Programming software Qt


Temperature range -20 to +70°C
Operating voltage 9-32 V DC
Processor architecture 32 bit
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