CAN I/O PLC Waterproof PRO V2

1.128.301.1000E ( choose order option )

The waterproof CAN I/O PLC Waterproof PRO V2 with 16 I/Os convinces by the various application possibilities in numerous control applications. In addition to eight I/Os that can be configured as inputs or outputs, it offers six analog and two digital inputs. The CAN controller also has integrated protection diodes to limit the free-wheeling voltage generated by the inductive loads. The module can be used to control four current-controlled proportional valves. The 5 Volt reference output allows additional sensors to be supplied with voltage. The own supply voltage can be measured internally via terminal 30.

The versatile CAN I/O PLC Waterproof PRO V2 allows you a very flexible, cross-industry use and is due to the high protection class IP6K6 best suited for applications with water, dust and dirt. Thanks to the perfectly dimensioned housing, the controller can also be used in confined spaces. Use the CAN controller as an I/O module in a CAN network as well as an independent and intelligent PLC. With our Softwaretool MRS Developers Studio you can program your function yourself, quickly and easily.

Name Value
Weight 167  g
Dimensions 60 × 80 × 30 mm
Housing material Plastic
Connector type Waterproof plug HCCPHPE
In-/Outputs (total) 16
Operating voltage 9-30 V (12 V (Code B), 24 V (Code E))
Protection class Up to IP6K6
Type-approval number 057992
Type-approval E1 - ECE R10
Protocols CAN Interface 2.0 A/B ISO 11898-2, SAE J1939
Name Value
Number of pins 24
In-/Outputs (total) 16
I/Os 8
Inputs (total) 6
Inputs (digital) 2
Inputs (analog) 6
Outputs (total) 8
Outputs (PWM capable) 6
Outputs (PWM capable, integrated current measurement INA) 4
Outputs (digital) 2
Processor family Freescale HCS08
Processor 8 bit
CAN interfaces 1
RS232 interfaces 1
RS485 Interfaces 1
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class Up to IP6K6
Operating voltage 9-30 V (12 V (Code B), 24 V (Code E))
Quiescent current (24V) 138 µA
Quiescent current (12V) 75 µA
Programming system MRS Developers Studio
Name Model Order no.
CAN I/O PLC Wa­ter­pro­of PRO V2 5 V Ref, KL30-Wa­ke-up, CAN-HS, RS232 1.128.301.0000E
CAN I/O PLC Wa­ter­pro­of PRO V2 5 V Ref, KL15/CAN-Wa­ke-up, CAN-HS, RS232 1.​128.​301.​1000E
CAN I/O PLC Waterproof PRO V2 5 V Ref, KL15/CAN-Wa­ke-up, CAN-HS, RS485 1.128.321.1000E
Required accessories Article number
Softwaretool MRS Developers Studio Bund­le 1.​100.​100.​09
PCAN-USB Interface 105358
Cable set to program CAN I/O PLC Waterproof PRO V2 / CC16WP 110490
Connector Kit CAN I/O PLC WP / WP PRO V2 / CC16WP 110421
Crimp terminals FCI Sicma-2 2,8 mm 1.0-2.5 mm² 109947
Crimp contact FCI Sicma 1,5 mm 1,0 – 2,0 mm² 109949
Blindstopfen FCI Filler Plug 110268
Pro­tec­tion cap 111441
Cable FLRY 2 x 0.50 mm² white/green SL20 113085

On the CAN I/O WP PRO V2, the current output does not regulate properly.

C programming "user_code.c", the #define PWM_ANALOG_IO_TICK must be set in graph_defines.h

Can the HSD outputs also be switched in parallel?

Yes, the HSD outputs can be switched in parallel. This increases the switching current from 2.5 A to 5 A at the output

How can I program the Frequency CNT measurement in C code?

// setting FREQUENCY_CNT:
// f <60Hz after each period Recalculation (Res_max = 3.27Hz) Method_A
// 60Hz <f <150Hz: every 300ms new value (Res_max = 3.3Hz) Methode_B
// 150Hz <f <500Hz: every 200ms new value (Res_max = 5Hz) Method_B
// 500Hz <f: every 100ms new value (Res_max = 10Hz) Method_B
const uint16 os_port_int_val_limits [3] = {60, 150, 500};
const uint16 os_port_int_val_refresh [4] = {300, 200, 100, 500};
// last value = timeout for method_A (<60Hz)

Does the 5 V Ref output have a stabilized voltage output or does it have a residual ripple?

The voltage output has a residual ripple of <200 mV

How fast are the inputs on the CAN I/O?

The analog inputs are sampled or read in every 20 ms