Software Engineering

Advanced software design and integration capabilities are at the core of what we do at MRS Electronic, Inc.

This includes conceputalization, definition, creation, deployment, and support of:


  • open source operating systems (Linux)
  • embedded software solutions (C, C++)
  • custom automotive grade HMI (Qt) and mobile applications (Android, iOS, React Native) development
  • embedded software packages
  • custom controls software
  • web applications (Javascript, Angular)
  • web API's (Node)
  • and end-to-end connectivity solutions including GSM, GPS, Device Gateways, custom MQTT Brokers, fleet management as well as event management, database and data analytics services.


By combining all of these disciplines, MRS Electronic, Inc. is able to be a start-to-finish partner for any connected or automotive application.

Whatever your need, we have a solution!