Hardware Engineering

Rugged and reliable electronics hardware is an indespensible ingredient for all top tier industry solutions. This is why our system engineering capabilities include solid hardware engineering expertise which is used for standard and custom product creation.

Our engineering processes follow best practices and utilize state-of-the-art tools for the creation and project management for sophisticated high speed electronics assemblies and systems including all mechanical and interface aspects.

With our expertise and experience, we are able to efficiently and quickly design reliable solutions for your needs. We keep long term functionality and stability in mind during the entire product design cycle to ensure that the final product is consistent and will stand the test of time.

Hardware Engineering Services MRS Electronic

Rugged Solutions

Our hardware engineering team has a focus on robust design for products in the automotive and industrial fields. This includes hydraulic, high current, sensor, and motor applications.

Industry Experts

We design all of our hardware with your industry's requirements in mind - J1939, ISO 26262, IATF 16949, and more! This includes testing such as vibration and ingress protection (IP) testing.


Need to get your product to market quickly but dont have the internal capacity? We have you covered - our engineers will adhere to your timeline and work alongside your team or on our own to complete your project on schedule.


Not only will we work closely with your team to get your product to market on time, but our engineers can assist you on task specific basis or hourly, whichever fits your project best.

Hardware Engineering in Motion

The engineering team here in Dayton, OH is responsible for our flagship system components - the MConn Connected CAN Display, the Fusion Telematics Module, and the entire MicroPlex Series. Our successful hardware solutions are only the tip of the iceburg - we can assist you with your next hardware engineering project and bring your vision to reality. Click here to view our complete hardware solution portfolio.

Connected CAN Display

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