Engineering Services

What We Do

System Integration

Our solutions are designed to fit into your new or existing ecosystem flawlessly. We specialize in AI, autonomous motion, data management, industrial, and automotive systems.

Product Creation

We create innovative hardware and software solutions that live up to expectations and keep your company competitive in the market.

Project Rescue

Sometimes projects expand beyond the initial scope and need extra support - that's where we come in. We have recovered as well as been delegated entire projects in the past and successfully lead them to completion.

Open Innovation Working for You

What is Open Innovation?

  • Collaboration - Open Innovation boils down to the cooperation of multiple companies with specific skill sets to create the best product on the market
  • Future Forward - with the complexity of technology and the amount of features we expect out of products rising it makes business sense for industry experts to collaborate in order to create competitive products

Engineering Solutions

We are dedicated to developing the most competitive hardware and software solutions for your business. Our expertise doesnt stop there - our communication protocol knowledge allows us to create CAN bus networks as well as multi-CAN bus networks, CAN FD, LIN, and Ethernet networks for your ecosystem. 

Software Engineering

  • Broad Skillset - We can assist with projects using C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Qt, iOS, Android and more!
  • Automotive Hardware - Including connected display/infotainment programs and control components.
  • Augmentation - Our engineers will adhere to your timeline & work alongside your team or independently to bring your project to completion.
  • Flexibility - We can work with you on a task specific basis or hourly, whichever fits your project best.

Hardware Engineering

  • Rugged Solutions - Create hardware that will stand the test of time, our focus is on products that require robust design in the automotive and industrial fields.
  • Industry Experts - We design with your industry's requirements in mind - J1939, ISOBUS, ISO 26262, IATF 16949, and more!
  • Augmentation - Your timeline, your schedule - we work alongside your team or independently to keep your project on track.
  • Flexibility - Our engineers can assist you on task specific basis or hourly, whichever fits your project best.

System Design

  • Connectivity - Systems created to integrate connectivity features into your new or existing project such as telematics and data management.
  • Vehicles - Complete vehicle control and connectivity systems including EV systems.
  • Autonomous Motion - We can integrate your complete autonomous motion systems.
  • Simplification - Cut down the clutter and integrate your system into one complete ecosystem - simple, sophisticated, and feature rich systems is what we do.

Future Forward - Cognitive Analytics & AI

  • Cognitive Analytics - The future of vehicle data management lies in predictive and preventative maintenance. Let's work together on making the next generation of vehicles more productive.
  • Autonomous Motion - We are already working with companies bringing autonomous vehicles to market and are looking forward to our next opportunity in this space.

Service & Long Term Support

Any top of the line system requires updates and maintenance, to streamline this process our systems are capable of over the air (OtA) updates. OtA updates along with our application support team will ensure your EV systems and components are always up to date and everything is running smoothly. 


Let’s Get in Touch!

Feel free to reach out to our application engineers with any inquiries about our process or system capabilites. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to walk you through our EV system solutions or set up a meeting to talk more in depth about how we can support your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 


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