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All available documents that concern the company you can find at downloads. Datasheets and product-specific downloads can be found at the respective product. If you have questions or need more documents by MRS, just contact our team.


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MRS Software tools

When programming our controllers you can always count on us to be right at your side, providing advice and support. The following options are available: We create the application software according to your specifications. You provide the application know-how and our development team creates the software in close cooperation with you. Years of experience in programming are at your disposal. You provide the finished program. You are welcome to provide us with your program. We then deliver your modules already programmed, on request also to the end customer.



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MRS Developers Studio

The MRS Developers Studio was developed for the programming of our CAN products. Programming is carried out graphically, or in the case of complex applications, in „C code“ via the easy-to-use user interface. All  CAN products have a CAN bootloader that is permanently active on the modules. A new program can be flashed at any time during operation via the bootloader.


The graphical programming is similar to the FUP (function diagram) according to IEC61131. For that reason, no extensive programming knowledge is required. A basic knowledge of digital technology is sufficient to  create programs with the MRS Developers Studio.


MRS Realizer

The MRS Realizer can be used to quickly and easily program the M1, M3, Micro PLC controllers and the proportional amplifier. The parameters are set via the relay contacts, which means that the housing does not have to be opened. Z-Graph allows you to create your own programs for your application. Graphical function blocks (similar to IEC61131) in Eagle are available for this purpose. For that reason, no extensive programming knowledge is required. A basic knowledge of digital technology is all that is needed to create programs with the MRS Realizer.



MicroPlex® Lab

MicroPlex Lab aims to simplify the programming needs of the MicroPlex family of controllers. It is designed to aid in creating powerful, smart, and robust fuse and relay centers. MicroPlex Lab is a free to download program. Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported. Internet connectivity is required for login and advanced functionality.

Your Individual Software

If you need help creating your program for your application, our Service & Support Team is happy to help. On request, our team can also relieve you of the programming effort and provide you with the optimally tailored program code. Contact us and talk to our Service & Support Team about your application and the requirements for the desired software and hardware. We gladly support you!


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