Universal Flasher Unit 9-30 V

1.007.30x.00E ( choose order option )

The electronic Universal Flasher Unit is used for turn signal and hazard warning light applications. The flasher unit can be used in various vehicle types. Versions with indicator LED (additional function in­dication) or start/stop feature are available. Circuit diagram S1: If the operating voltage is applied to Terminal 49, the blinker starts immediately. It generates 90 +/-30 pulses per minute during operation. The output is resilient to up to 10 w, higher loads can also be operated by a downstream load relay. Circuit diagram S2: On request, the flashing sensor is also available with status LED. Housing forms can be found in the section housing and basic body.

Name Value
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm
Housing material Plastic
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Name Value
Processor 8 bit
Blink frequency 90  1/min
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class IP53
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Lifetime > 20.000.000
Programming system MRS Realizer
Pick-up volt­age >=9 V
Volt­age drop <=0,5 V (at max­i­mum nom­i­nal load)
Op­er­at­ing thresh­old <=0,5 W
Pick-up time <=0,2 Sec.
Flash fre­quency tolerance +/- 30 Impulse per min.
Name Type Model Connection diagram Order no.
Universal Flasher Unit 9-30 V A 10 W S1 1.​007.​300.​00E
Universal Flasher Unit 9-30 V A 80 W S1 1.​007.​305.​00E
Universal Flasher Unit 9-30 V A 100 W S1 1.​007.​307.​00E
Universal Flasher Unit 9-30 V B 80 W mit Top-LED S2 1.​007.​306.​00E
Universal Flasher Unit 9-30 V B 100 W mit Top-LED S2 1.​007.​308.​00E
Required accessories Article number
Socket ST FL 9-pin 5 x 6.3 / 4 x 2.8 1.​017.​002.​00
Socket package watertight 30 mm
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 2.8 mm 0.5 – 1.0 mm² 105292
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 6.3 mm 1 mm² 102355
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 6.3 mm 1.5 – 2.5 mm² 103064

Which threshold values do the outputs have?

Current threshold = 140 mA at 12 V / 70 mA at 24 V

Do all four channels have to be occupied or is it sufficient to connect only the channels "left front" and "right front" with a sufficient load?

If e.g. the left turn signal is active, then both channels become active for the left side. If there is no load on a channel, the flasher flashes at twice the flashing frequency.
So a load must be attached to both channels.

Can the customer reprogram the current thresholds at the universal flasher itself?

The reprogramming can only be carried out by MRS Electronic.