Solid State Relay SSR 25 A

1.069.3xx.25E ( choose order option )

The MRS solid state relay has high capacitive and inductive peak current capacity and is perfectly suited for switching resistive and inductive loads. Compared to mechanical relays, the solid state relay has no moving contacts so it is maintenance and wear-free with a silent activation. The current feedback via the additional 5th pin offers useful diagnostic output. Due to the compact size and the connector, the relay is compatible with conventional ISO mini relays. The solid state relay can be ordered with positive or negative control.

Solid state relays from MRS feature a long service life, short response times and low quiescent current requirement of approx. 50 μA. They are short-circuit proof, overload-proof, and over temperature protected. They are ideally suited for your wide range of applications with high switching cycle counts.

Name Value
Weight 40  g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm
Housing material Plastic
Type-approval number 05 8639
Type-approval E1
Number of pins 5
In-/Outputs (total) 3
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Name Value
Number of pins 5
In-/Outputs (total) 3
Inputs (total) 1
Inputs (digital) 1
Outputs (total) 2
Outputs (PWM capable, integrated current measurement INA) 1
Outputs (digital) 1
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class IP53
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Switch-on voltage 6 V
Overload protection (≥) 33 V
Current consumption ( ≤ ) 20 µA
Max. switching current 25 A
Name Model Order no.
Solid State Relay SSR 25 A Positive Control 1.069.300.25E
Solid State Relay SSR 25 A Negative Control 1.069.301.25E
Required accessories Article number
Socket ST FL 9-pin 5 x 6.3 / 4 x 2.8 1.​017.​002.​00
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 6.3 mm 1 mm² 102355
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 6.3 mm 1.5 – 2.5 mm² 103064