Software programming tool MRS Developers Studio

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The MRS Developers Studio was developed for the programming of our CAN products. Programming is carried out graphically, or in the case of complex applications, in „C code“ via the easy-to-use user interface. All CAN products have a CAN bootloader that is permanently active on the modules. A new program can be flashed at any time during operation via the bootloader. The graphical programming is similar to the FUP (function diagram) according to IEC61131. For that reason, no extensive programming knowledge is required. A basic knowledge of digital technology is sufficient to create programs with the MRS Developers Studio.

The MRS De­ve­l­o­pers Stu­dio in­cludes the Eagle graph­i­cal user in­ter­face and the MCU Flas­her. The pro­gram­ming in­ter­face EAGLE by CAD-So­ft is no longer part of our soft­ware. You can dowload the cur­rent ver­sion of CAD-Soft EAGLE ac­cord­ing to your needs di­rectly at Au­todesk. Here you can de­cide which EAGLE li­cense you need. You can choose be­tween free, stan­dard and pre­mium-ver­sion. The MCU Flas­her also supports uploading of files (.s19) which were created with Codewarrior. A new .s19-File can be uploaded (flashed) via the USB-CAN interface and CAN boot­loa­der. Com­pat­i­ble USB CAN in­ter­faces are PEAK IPEH-002021, Vec­tor VN16XX and Sont­heim CAN­fox.

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MRS De­ve­l­o­pers Stu­dio Bund­le MRS De­vel­op­ers Stu­dio SW CD with PCAN USB In­ter­face 1.​100.​100.​09
MRS De­ve­l­o­pers Stu­dio Light MRS De­vel­op­ers Stu­dio SW CD without PCAN USB In­ter­face 1.​100.​100.​10

When opening the "MCU-Flasher" window, the message "CAN interface is already occupied by a program or not connected" appears even though the PEAK-USB adapter is connected

First, connect the PEAK-USB adapter so that it lights up red. If it is already flashing without "MCU Flasher" open, it may already be in use by another program, e.g. from the PCAN viewer. Check for the presence of the adapter in the Windows Device Manager.