Socket waterproof 12-pin

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The high quality waterproof 12-pin plug-in socket is perfect for your application in use with our patented MicroPlex® or 2 standard ISO280 relays. In addition, fuses can also be installed (e.g.: 1x ISO280 and 2 fuses). The locking bracket, the sealing mat as well as the single wire seals allow watertightness. These can be ordered additionally if required.

Thanks to the practical snap-in principle, the socket can be assembled without tools. Due to the lateral guides, several sockets can be plugged together and thus also easily and individually combined with other MRS sockets. Your benefit is the easy handling of the MRS socket. You can change relays quickly and easily without the risk of connection interchanging - even without circuit diagram knowledge.

Name Value
Material PA66 GF30
Housing dimensions (L x W x H) 49,5 x 42,4 x 55 mm (maximum dimensions without clamping bracket)
Connector Crimp Lear AFK 2,8 PLUS: 0,5mm²-1,0mm² | TE Junior Power Timer Contacts: 1,5mm²-2,5mm²
Weight socket 32,8g (without locking bracket)
Protection class IP 67 for correct installation position (connector of the relay is positioned vertically downwards, with using sealing mat, and all single wire seals/ blind plugs)
Max. ampacity Junior Power Timer 25 A (at 2,5 mm² diameter litz wire at 20°C) 12 A (at 2,5 mm² diameter litz wire at 90°C)
Modulus of elasticity 9.000 MPa
Breaking strength 180 MPa
Elongation at rupture 3,2%
Melting temperature 260°C
Deflexion temperature HDT A/ HDT B 250°C
Name Order no.
Socket waterproof MicroPlex®
Socket waterproof double ISO280