Proportional Amplifier 9-30 V

1.030.3xx.00E ( choose order option )

The Proportional Amplifier serves as flow rate regulator for proportional valves. It is used in many hydraulic applications. The microcontrollerbased current regulator provides a constant output current proportional to the set point value 0-10 Volt or 0-20 mA. Fluctuations in supply voltage and temperature are compensated for which ensures constant flow rates. To counteract stiction and hysteresis effects a dither frequency can be added (superimposed small rectangular ripple frequency). Please refer to the section housings and base plates for additional housing options.

Name Value
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 mm
Housing material Plastic
Connector type FASTON 6,3 mm, FASTON 2,8 mm
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Protection class IP53
Name Value
Number of pins 9
Processor family Texas Instruments MSP 430
Processor 16 bit
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class IP53
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Maximum continuous current 3 A
Programming system MRS Realizer
Quiescent current 250 µA
Name Model Connection diagram Order no.
Proportional Amplifier 9-30 Vin Volt­age set­point w/o po­ten­tiome­ter S1 1.​030.​310.​00E
Pro­por­tional am­pli­fier 9-30 Vin + Poti Volt­age set­point with po­ten­tiome­ter S1 1.​030.​311.​00E
Required accessories Article number
Software programming tool MRS Realizer 1.​100.​000.​01
Socket ST FL 9-pin 5 x 6.3 / 4 x 2.8 1.​017.​002.​00
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 6.3 mm 1.5 – 2.5 mm² 103064
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 6.3 mm 1 mm² 102355
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal for latching 2.8 mm 0.5 – 1.0 mm² 105292
Hous­ing bracket 1.​017.​080.​00