Fusion FT15


Fusion is our new generation of Connected Products with a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-A9 processor. The Fusion comes packed with a rich set of wired and wireless interfaces, including CAN (3x), LIN (2x), Ethernet, I/O (5), LTE, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Name Value
Weight 270  g
Dimensions 133.35 × 130.18 × 38.1 mm
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Name Value
In-/Outputs (total) 9
Inputs (total) 5
Inputs (analog) 5
Outputs (total) 4
Outputs (PWM capable) 4
Outputs (digital) 4
Processor family NXP i.MX6UL, 32-bit Cortex-A7 ARM processor Single Core 696 MHz (automotive grade)
Processor 32 bit
CAN interfaces 3
LIN interfaces 2
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class IP20
Operating voltage 9-30 V