CAN I/O – CC16WP ( choose order option )

The CC16WP is the latest and best CAN I/O generation from MRS Electronic. The core piece, the 32-bit processor, provides you with more processing power and thus faster computing cycle times. You also benefit from more powerful gateway functionality and complex programming options for your applications. Due to the enormously high flexibility of the multifunction inputs, the new CAN I/O is ideally equipped for a wide variety of cross-sector applications. The high protection class IP6K6 can still be achieved. The AEF-certified order version with a 2 MB flash memory can also be used for ISOBUS functions.

Use the CAN controller as an I/O module in a CAN network as well as a stand-alone and intelligent PLC. With our software tool MRS Applics Studio you can program the functions yourself, quickly and easily.

Name Value
Dimensions 60 × 77 × 30 mm
Housing material Plastic
Connector type Waterproof plug HCCPHPE
In-/Outputs (total) 16
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Protection class Up to IP6K8
Protocols CAN Interface 2.0 A/B ISO 11898-2, SAE J1939
Name Value
Number of pins 24
In-/Outputs (total) 16
I/Os 8
Inputs (total) 6
Inputs (digital) 1
Inputs (analog) 6
Outputs (total) 8
Outputs (PWM capable) 8
Outputs (PWM capable, integrated current measurement INA) 8
Processor 32 bit
CAN interfaces 2
LIN interfaces 1
RS232 interfaces 1
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class Up to IP6K8
Operating voltage 9-30 V
Name Model Order no.
CC16WP - CAN-CAN 2x CAN Bus 1.154.300.00
CC16WP - CAN-LIN 1x CAN Bus, 1x LIN Bus 1.154.310.00
CC16WP - CAN-RS232 1x CAN Bus, 1x RS232 1.154.320.00
CC16WP - KL15ON 2x CAN Bus, Electronics Supply KL15, Load Circuit KL30 1.154.300.10
CC16WP - CAN-2xDI 1x CAN Bus, 2x Digital Inputs 1.154.330.00
CC16WP - CAN-LIN 12V 1x CAN Bus, 1x LIN-Bus with 12V LIN-Level for 24V Supply Voltage
CC16WP - CAN-CAN 2MB 2x Can Bus, 2MB, AEF-certified 1.154.302.00
Required accessories Article number
Software programming tool MRS Applics Studio 1.​100.​200.​xx
PCAN-USB Interface 105358
Cable set to program CAN I/O PLC Waterproof PRO V2 / CC16WP 110490
Connector Kit CAN I/O PLC WP / WP PRO V2 / CC16WP 110421
Crimp terminals FCI Sicma-2 2,8 mm 1.0-2.5 mm² 109947
Crimp contact FCI Sicma 1,5 mm 1,0 – 2,0 mm² 109949
Blindstopfen FCI Filler Plug 110268
Pro­tec­tion cap 111441