CAN I/O PLC (Rev.G) ( choose order option )

The compact CAN I/O PLC with 14 inputs and outputs and an operating voltage range from 9 to 30 V convinces with numerous assembly variants. In addition to eight I/Os that can be configured as inputs or outputs, there are six analog inputs. The practically dimensioned housing is ideal for tight installation spaces. This module is equipped with a CAN interface and can be extended by an RS232 or RS485 interface. The CAN I/O PLC can be used as an I/O module in a CAN network as well as a stand-alone and intelligent PLC.

Use the most versatile MRS product CAN I/O PLC to use it in all conceivable applications with control processes. The CAN I/O PLC with Revision G offers you significantly higher protection against accidental contact due to the new cover blade. You also benefit from improved reverse polarity protection and reduced quiescent current consumption. Program your desired function easily and quickly with our software tool MRS Developers Studio. You can program more complex applications using C code.

Name Value
Weight 75  g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 30 mm
Housing material Plastic
Connector type Molex Mini Fit Junior
In-/Outputs (total) 14
Operating voltage 9-30 V (12 V Code B & 24 V Code E)
Protection class Up to IP53
Type-approval number E1 - UN/ECE-R10
Type-approval 03 5385
CE-Conformity compliant
Protocols CAN Interface 2.0 A/B ISO 11898-2, SAE J1939
Name Value
Number of pins 22
In-/Outputs (total) 14
I/Os 8
Inputs (total) 6
Inputs (analog) 6
Outputs (total) 8
Outputs (PWM capable) 6
Outputs (digital) 2
Processor family Freescale HCS08
Processor 8 bit
CAN interfaces 1
Temperature range -40 to 85  °C
Protection class Up to IP53
Operating voltage 9-30 V (12 V Code B & 24 V Code E)
Switch-on voltage 6 V
Overload protection (≥) 33 V
Current consumption 30 mA
Quiescent current (24V) 300 µA
Quiescent current (12V) 190 µA
Programming system MRS Developers Studio
Name Model Order no.
CAN I/O PLC - PWM 6 ana­log inputs, 8 I/Os (6x PWM Output) 1.​033.​304.​0001E
CAN I/O PLC - 5 V OUT 6 analog inputs, 8 I / Os (5 Vref Output) 1.​033.​305.​0001E
CAN I/O PLC - Cur­rent-IN, PWM 6 analog inputs, 8 I / Os (3x current Inputs / 6x PWM Outputs) 1.​033.​306.​0001E
CAN I/O PLC - ANAs 30 V 6 ana­log inputs (can evaluate up to 30 V), 8 I/Os 1.​033.​308.​0001E
CAN I/O PLC - RPM, PWM-OUT 6 ana­log inputs, 8 I/Os (2x RPM Inputs, 6x PWM Outputs) 1.​033.​309.​0001E
CAN I/O PLC - 5 V Outputs + Pull-Ups 6 ana­log inputs, 8 I/Os (3x Pull-Ups, 5 Vref Outputs) 1.033.30B.0001E
CAN I/O PLC - Pull-Up 6 ana­log inputs, 8 I/Os (3x Pull-Up) 1.033.30C.0001E
CAN I/O PLC - RPM 4,5 V, PWM 6 ana­log inputs, 8 I/Os (2x RPM Inputs 4,5 V / 6x PWM Outputs) 1.033.30E.0001E
CAN I/O PLC - RPM, PWM, VRef 6 ana­log inputs, 8 I/Os (2x RPM Inputs, 6x PWM Outputs, 5 Vref Output) 1.033.30K.0001E
CAN I/O PLC - PWM, PT1000 6 analog inputs, 8 I/Os (6x PWM Outputs, 3x PT1000 Inputs) 1.033.30P.0001E
CAN I/O PLC - CANopen (CiA401) 6 analog inputs, 8 I/Os 1.033P.300.0001E
CAN I/O PLC - CANopen (CiA401) PWM, 5 V OUT 6 ana­log inputs, 8 I/Os (6x PWM Outputs, 5Vref Output) 1.033P.305.0001E
Required accessories Article number
Softwaretool MRS Developers Studio Bund­le 1.​100.​100.​09
PCAN-USB Interface 105358
Cable set to programm CAN I/O / RS485 Gateway / RS232 Gateway / CAN I/O PLC LHS 106817
Connector Kit for CAN I/O Module / RS485 Gateway / RS232 Gateway / CAN I/O PLC LHS 106940

After switching off Kl15 on the CAN I/O, the module remains active.

The digital output "POWER" in the program must be set to "0", so that the module does not keep itself awake.

Can the HSD outputs also be switched in parallel?

Yes, the HSD outputs can be switched in parallel. This increases the switching current from 2.5 A to 5 A at the output

How can I program the Frequency CNT measurement in C code?

// setting FREQUENCY_CNT:
// f <60Hz after each period Recalculation (Res_max = 3.27Hz) Method_A
// 60Hz <f <150Hz: every 300ms new value (Res_max = 3.3Hz) Methode_B
// 150Hz <f <500Hz: every 200ms new value (Res_max = 5Hz) Method_B
// 500Hz <f: every 100ms new value (Res_max = 10Hz) Method_B
const uint16 os_port_int_val_limits [3] = {60, 150, 500};
const uint16 os_port_int_val_refresh [4] = {300, 200, 100, 500};
// last value = timeout for method_A (<60Hz)

Does the 5 V Ref output have a stabilized voltage output or does it have a residual ripple?

The voltage output has a residual ripple of <200 mV

How fast are the inputs on the CAN I/O?

The analog inputs are sampled or read in every 20 ms

Does the CAN I/O CAN-Wake-up?

No, neither the CAN I / O 1.033. still the CAN I / O WP 1.053. are capable of CAN wake-up.
But the CAN I / O WP Pro 1.041. (also V2 1.128.) and the M2600 1.261. have CAN wake-up.