Turning CAN engine conversions upside down

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Issue & Solution

The issue:

From our previous postings on the BRZ/FRS/GT86 platform cars, we have really been focusing on lowering costs and making our finished project even simpler. With any conversion like this the biggest hurdle in the project is finding a vehicle to test our modules with. We have been in contact with a few different individuals in various states of completion of the conversion but Rick in Texas had a running and driving car in dire need of a CAN solution!

Customized Controls

With all of our previous conversion we had utilized one of our larger CAN gateways with three CAN transceivers, integrated controllable relays, and various inputs and outputs. From our research on the 86 platform it was fairly clear that for the bulk of the conversion, all of these additional analog inputs and outputs weren’t needed. With older conversions some signals we needed for control over some subsystems needed to be input via analog means as they weren’t broadcasted over the CAN network. The 86 cars are fairly modern as far as CAN networks are concerned! With this in mind we came up with a great solution using one of our Micro Gateway modules that takes the form factor of a small relay.



The solution:

Rick’s awesome LS1 swapped Scion FR-S

A quick plane ride later and we are in Texas for initial testing! After landing we got right to work integrating the module into Rick’s car. It had numerous attempts at CAN integration in the past, but all had fallen short. We came up with a very simple mounting location using our relay socket and faston terminals. This module can also also be mounted in the engine bay of a vehicle with IP67 protection rating against dust and dirt ingress and immersion in water up to 1 meter using a special waterproof socket if the user desires. After a little bit of trouble shooting we had Rick’s car working with some base functionality! More than a year of waiting for a solution and Rick was able to use his tachometer and have power steering!

Our Micro Gateway

The kit will be a simple “depin and play” solution where the factory ECU plug will need the two CAN wires depinned and pluged into the provided wiring harness. The wiring harness provided will then repin into the ECU connector and plug into the DLC for the GM (or any other!) ECU. If it’s CAN based we can make it work!

If you have questions or are interested in a conversion like Rick’s, please contact me at colin.beck@mrs-electronic.com!