The MRS Recipe for Quality

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Quality outcomes are the natural result of individual accountability to team performance objectives...

Quality outcomes are the natural result of individual accountability to team performance objectives.

Quality Assurance is not an independent function at MRS-Electronic. Instead it is an integral part of our organization’s culture. Everyone is accountable for the acceptability of the work they perform, so everyone has quality responsibilities.

Two things contribute to the success of the MRS Management System:

  • The customer focused culture of the organization and,
  • The management tools that allow associates to readily access all of the information they need to efficiently and effectively perform their jobs.

Quality outcomes can only be achieved if both of these factors work in concert to produce desired customer and business outcomes.

It starts with a quality focused culture

A customer focused culture is achieved by acquiring competent individuals and defining their jobs in terms of how they contribute to the achievement of customer requirements. Employees are provided with work that utilizes their individual strengths. Associates are accountable for the execution of defined best practices. They understand the process and the importance of compliance to best practices. Deviations require executive permissions. Performance data is openly shared. Associates have input into the structure of their jobs and the performance targets against which they will be evaluated. Their contributions to the success of the company are incorporated into individual goals and responsibilities. At MRS Electronic, Inc. we believe that employees are motivated when they have input to the processes they use and see purpose in their work. All employees have well understood quality responsibilities that support the vision and mission of the company.

Our ERP system is “The Whole Enchilada”

The management tool essential for effective execution of our work is the TWE system. It is a comprehensive industry 4.0 level software tool that captures all relevant internal and external information, mirrors all company processes, and tracks all established performance objectives so everyone in all functional units understands his/her roles, responsibilities, priorities and contributions. Tasks are established in TWE and communicated internally via daily e-mail reminders. TWE-facilitated group meetings are conducted to continually monitor project progress, review performance, and implement project modifications when needed.

Of course like any data-driven management system, it is only as good as its ability to capture information consistently and accurately. Intercommunication tools are incorporated into the TWE to assure that necessary information is available to appropriate points of use. All associates of the company are accountable for sustaining the system and all associates benefit from its existence by having instant access to reliable information for prioritizing and organizing their individual contribution to the overall objectives.

Total process connectivity is the key for a completely synchronized management system

Our management system is defined in its documented policies and best practices. At the top of the documentation hierarchy are the company’s Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Quality Policy. All other documentation supports the achievement of these Guiding Principles. Our system is registered by an independent, 3rd party certification body to ISO 9001:2015 Guidelines for Quality Assurance.

Quality is managed in every aspect of the business. Key processes manage proposal development, project management including new product development, sales order processing, product assembly and verification, and material management including supplier control. Supporting processes assure that business performance is monitored. Risks and opportunities for improvement and growth are addressed. Through information management, resource planning and performance assessment, all employees understand their quality responsibilities and contributions to our vision and mission of the company.

At MRS-Electronic, Inc., quality is the natural outcome of everyone performing their jobs in a symbiotic collaboration with fully integrated tools like TWE, resulting in the best way, the first time. Quality is not the icing on the cake. It is the flour in the cake mix.