Shall We Keep Bragging?

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MRS Electronic, Inc.’s engineers just completed another project that we are extremely proud of...

MRS Electronic, Inc.’s engineers just completed another project that we are extremely proud of. Our team worked with duct sealing technology provider – Aeroseal, LLC. Their unique technology is utilized to repair leaky heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) duct work in residences as well as commercial buildings while reducing energy costs and improving air quality and comfort.

The goal for this project was to improve the performance and reliability of the duct sealing and testing system. The new control box developed by MRS Electronic, Inc. simplified the manufacturing process for Aeroseal, LLC. Its key feature facilitates wireless communication between the sensors embedded in the machine and the technician’s laptop. The new system uses WiFi and GSM technology to communicate with various sensors including altimeter, ambient temperature, and air pressure. It replaced three existing systems into one, which reduced the wiring and increased space.

MRS Electronic, Inc. engineers also developed an Embedded Linux system to run the control software. A custom device tree was used to initialize pin configuration, clocks, and other parameters for the custom hardware while a custom Linux kernel was used to develop the drivers and software modules for this product. A custom Linux file system was created to install libraries and packages to support the control software.

Lastly, our engineers developed a tester to ensure all parts are working properly. This tester of all peripherals analyzes:

  • Low side outputs
  • Analog outputs
  • Analog inputs
  • Sensors
  • WiFi
  • GSM
  • GPS
  • MQTT (a lightweight messaging protocol)
  • USB

Along with being portable, the product consists of a touch screen display that will store test results in its database with the capability of printing out the results stored. Our engineers predict that these improvements will save Aeroseal 30% in manufacturing costs.

This is just the first phase of this project and we are excited to continue working with Aeroseal, LLC. to create the best products to better serve their customers.

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