Expanding Connections

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Expanding Connections…

Our ‘Connected’ products family is a new product platform currently in development at MRS Electronic.  Prototype units of our CAN/BLE Connected Gateway, our CAN/BLE/WiFi Display unit (still to be named), and a CAN Command Console that interacts and controls displays and CAN modules.  The Connected Gateway has been introduced and is undergoing field testing. We will talk more about its exciting new features later.  What we really want to talk about here are our new additions to the ‘Connected’ family.  Our Display unit and its corresponding command console.


First, the Display..

Our display platform has been designed with versatility and customization in mind, which allows us to respond to a very broad range of customers’ needs. Its really cool feature mix is also incorporating the realm of the IoT allowing for connectivity, interaction, and communication with the CAN bus, controllers, gateways, infotainment, sensors, cameras, mobile phones, laptops and many more connected devices in the vehicle.  In addition, it will be linked to cloud systems, allowing telematics, diagnostics, and  to be integrated into your value proposition.  It will also have the option to be a display or a touch screen, a multi-display or multi touch screen system, and facilitate outer controls in addition to screen touch.  Now let’s move on to the command unit.

The command console facilitates custom display content interaction while also relaying commands and feedback from connected CAN devices.  It enables a more intricate touch base for display control.  Features and controls at the back end can incorporate customized programming that suits customer needs as well as custom iconography for button operation.