BRZ/FR-S FT86 CAN Module Preorders

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As most people know, we’ve being working for some time developing a solution for LS swaps into a BRZ/FR-S chassis...

As most people know, we’ve being working for some time developing a solution for LS swaps into a BRZ/FR-S chassis. We’ve had great success with a few initial testers and are confident we can move forward with making the project into a final project. Here is where we are at with our offerings.

The module itself will be compatible with either E40, early LS2 24x crank reluctor engines, or any of the newer LS3+ controllers. We will only be supporting GM produced controllers and might have to also specify which OS ID’s we will also be compatible with.

At the moment we have the following functionality working and fully tested for key start cars only:

  • Tachometer
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Power Steering
  • Fuel Economy
  • Check Engine (MIL) notification
  • Push Button Start cars

In addition to these features we also now have push button starting working!

Pictured below is one of our prototype wiring units which shows approximately what our end product will be. The factory ECU will be retained and is necessary to be retained if we are to add further functionality like cruise control as the steering wheel button presses, brake, and clutch position signals are actually broadcasted by the factory ECU over CAN. We will need all of this information to properly work cruise control. The GM ECU will be tied into the main vehicle CAN bus. This means that if the GM ECU is reporting that emissions monitors and status are passing, it will be reported as passing to many plug in devices through the main DLC. We cannot provide any emissions support past the checking of emissions monitors.

For this module to work in your vehicle you need to make sure that all of the functionality of the LS engine is controlled by the GM PCM and the engine essentially runs as a “standalone” without any other input from the vehicle itself past ignition, power, and ground. This means all cooling fan and air conditioning signals must be handled by the GM PCM. There are many of great wiring harness manufacturers who can create a harness what will be able to run your LS. All that we require from the harness is that the DLC (OBD2 connector) for the GM PCM is in the passenger (right side) footwell so we are able to connect to it with our wiring harness. Installation is simple, just a few wires to depin from the engine connector, give the module ignition power and ground, and plug or solder into the GM DLC. Its that simple.

Here is where the preorder comes into play. Normally for solutions like this we pair with a shop to really be able to thoroughly test all functionalities. We haven’t had a company step forward to be partners so we have developed this all ourselves. We want to add more functionality but need to be able to see there is interest to keep moving forward for more functionality!

We will keep a running count of preorders. At each preorder level the functionality will be in the final product. The more people who buy into the solution, the better it gets.  These are all subject to change as we might be able to come up with solutions easily at a later date.

  • 10 Pre-Orders: Push Button Starting
  • 20 Pre-Orders: Cruise Control
  • 25 Pre-Orders: AC Requests
  • 35 Pre-Orders: ABS/VDC

Pre orders are 200 dollars and we expect the finished product with the small form factor module and wiring to be 400 dollars. If for some reason we have to move to a larger device the price for the kit will be around 600 dollars.

UPDATE 1/23/2017: We have five preorders so far!

UPDATE 2/3/2017: According to one of our initial test customers at Weapons Grade Performance, push button start functionality is now working!

UPDATE 4/24/2017: We have 14 preorders and are starting production on the wiring harnesses this week!

If you have any more questions, please contact:

BRZ/FR-S FT86 CAN Module

BRZ/FR-S FT86 CAN Module Preorders

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