It´s in the box!

The MicroPlex®  controllers are the smallest and smartest CAN Controllers available worldwide. With a footprint of just two Micro 280 style relays and a drag-and-drop configuration tool, even non-software engineers can build their own CAN Bus enabled power distribution systems.

The MicroPlex® smart power control system also includes two types of solid state relays that are designed around the standard Micro 280 relay foot print and fit just as well as the MicroPlex® controllers into existing fuse and relay centers.

MicroPlex® solid state relays pair perfectly with MicroPlex® 7X. Wire the current sense output of the solid state relay to an input pin of the MicroPlex® 7X and monitor the current flowing through the relay itself. This allows for custom logic allowing enhanced control of high power circuits.

MicroPlex® Lab

CAN Programming Simplified

MicroPlex Lab aims to simplify the programming needs of the MicroPlex family of controllers. It is designed to aid in creating powerful, smart, and robust fuse and relay centers. MicroPlex Lab is a free to download program. Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported. Internet connectivity is required for login and advanced functionality.