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System Components & Capabilities

EV Propulsion

We can develop the most effective system for your Electric Vehicle propulsion components to communicate with eachother.


Keep your vehicles smart with our Connected Displays, Fusion Telematic Modules, & MicroPlex / Connected Controller lineup. Collect & manage vehicle/IoT data with the Spoke.Zone data management web app.

Control Systems

Your Hydraulic, Lighting, Motor, BCM, Sensor Processing, Climate Control / HVAC, & Braking systems can all be controlled with our controller modules and CAN I/O extension modules.


Utilize the most efficient Communication methods for your application; CAN Bus, CANopen, CAN FD, LIN Bus, WiFi, GSM, & Bluetooth (BLE).

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Let us work with you to be your total system supplier - MRS manufactures all of the components necessary for an EV system. We will collaborate with you to create the complete system solution that best fits your application. Our team is experienced in working closely with vehicle manufacturers and start ups to solve their hardware and software problems in the electric vehicle space - we’d love to add you to the list of satisfied customers!

Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

No hardware or software engineers? No problem! Let us handle the logistics of getting your electric vehicleoperating smoothly. Our systems involve our off the shelf hardware including CAN I/O expansion modules as well as customizable hardware and software solutions to go along with it. Rest assured, the software we develop for your system will be your IP and you will have full control of the software once it is delivered. Any software we develop is capable of meeting J1939 standards.



Telematics & Connectivity (IoT)

Telematics & Connectivity (IoT)

Our telematics solutions are highly customizable to your needs - this includes our hardware as well as our telematics management web application - Spoke.Zone. Completely customize your telematics dashboard to monitor the data that is relevant to you. Spoke.Zone also features multi-level user accounts with varying user permissions, which is ideal for EV fleet management operations.

You have a variety of options when it comes to keeping your vehicle connected. Our Connected Displays and Fusion Telematics Modules have the following connectivity options:

  • GSM
  • LTE
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

Meeting Industry Standards

We will work with you to certify your product meets any of the industry standards below as well as any other automotive standard your product needs to meet. We are ISO 9001 Certified and fully capable of navigating through the following automotive standards and certifications:

  • J1939 Protocol
  • IATF 16949
  • E1 Certification
  • ISO 26262

Time to Market

Striving to get your vehicle to market to fill reservation orders? We get it. Our experience with developing electric vehicle systems will ensure your deadlines are met - no matter where your product is in its production or lifecycle.

Future Forward - Cognitive Analytics & AI

The amount of technology in vehicles is only growing and smart tech is making its way into our lives at an increasing rate. Be at the forefront of the automotive industry and utilize cognitive analytics & artificial intelligence in your sensor system, infotainment system, telematics data, and more. 


Service & Long Term Support

Any top of the line system requires updates and maintenance, to streamline this process our systems are capable of over the air (OtA) updates. OtA updates along with our application support team will ensure your EV systems and components are always up to date and everything is running smoothly. 


EV Market Sectors

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Let’s Get in Touch!

Feel free to reach out to our application engineers with any inquiries about our process or system capabilites. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to walk you through our EV system solutions or set up a meeting to talk more in depth about how we can support your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 


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