Automotive Applications

Automotive encompasses the entire supply industry in the automotive sector. The term includes all activities in this sector that concern the supply of products and services. In automotive production, there are special requirements in terms of quality and the manufacturing process. Supply measures must also be ensured, such as the provision of a stock of replacement parts. As well the supply of products, the automotive sector also includes the associated services, such as the sale, rental and repair of vehicles. 

MRS is already represented in several sectors of the automotive industry, such as standard equipment, special equipment, modification and retrofitting.

Automotive Categories

Accessories for Automotive


Our products can be adapted flexibly to suit the respective customer requirements. Using our CAN controller and MicroPlex technology customers can include special equipment or any feature that is not part of normal series production into their vehicles. Typical examples of this are four-wheel drive, cruise control, heated seats and trailer control.



Standard Equipment (OEM) for Automotive

Standard Equipment (OEM)

Standard equipment includes all components and features that are part of the basic equipment on a vehicle which is mass produced, these features can be configured with CAN controller and Microplex technology. Unlike for special equipment, there is no extra
charge for these products.






Our CAN relay boxes or CAN gateway modules are particularly suited to retrofit items including various add-ons and extras which are added to a vehicle after manufacturing. Typical examples would be special lights and sirens for emergency vehicles, or modifications within driving school vehicles or vehicles for the disabled.


Modification in Automotive


In modifying - cars, trucks, and motorcycles are individually customized. The aim is to improve the performance, the look or the acoustics of the vehicle. Our CAN Gateway was used in the 2016 Flyin’ Miata build which involved a V8 swap into the Miata MX-5. Our technology allowed all of the OEM Miata gauges and displays to function as they should normally.