Agriculture Applications

Agricultural technology is the technology used in agriculture for working farmland and caring for animals. The tools utilized for this can be used in both stationary and mobile situations. This industry also deals with systems for agriculture automation, process technology in the production of various crop plants, and mechanical engineering.

Agricultural machinery and vehicles can be roughly divided into four different categories. These include livestock rearing, forestry technology, agricultural vehicles and crop growing. In crop growing, there is also a difference between equipment for soil cultivation and for pasture land.

Agriculture Categories

Agriculture Vehicles

Agriculture Vehicles

The control systems of agriculture vehicles have already been successfully equipped with our components. Agricultural vehicles include tractors, which can be equipped with additional accessories such as front loaders, in order to enable more versatile use. Wheeled loaders and telescopic loaders are further applications.

Soil and seed agriculture

Soil and seed

MRS products can be used in a variety of arable farming machinery such as plows, cultivators, and crop seeding machines. The equipment is in close contact with the soil and for this reason it must also have precise, robust control mechanisms, which can be achieved using MRS products.

Harvesting in agriculture


The cultivation of pasture land includes a variety of harvesting processes, as well as protective mechanisms to guard the plants from pests. Our technologies are already being successfully used in numerous pieces of pasture land machinery and have also been used to convert measurements in mowing machines. Our products have also been used for the efficient control of spray nozzles on field sprayers. Further areas of application include round balers and rotary rakes.

Forestry Equipment Agriculture

Forestry Equipment

Forestry primarily includes the planting and clearing of areas of woodland. Another area of operation is the transport and processing of logs. Management and control systems for wood splitters and choppers can be developed using our products. Further areas of operation include loading grabbers, forestry cranes and forestry vehicles to transport the logs.

Agriculture Automation

Agriculture Automation

There are a variety of technologies in agriculture automation, which are used for the maintenance, welfare, and care of livestock. Feed mixing wagons, spreaders or pushers, as well as massage devices, are just a few examples that are suitable for the use of our products.


Turf Care market Agriculture

Turf Care

Golf turf care is challenging and requires a lot of attention - let MRS make things easier with our extensive range of products suitable for turf care machinery. For example, our products are used to control hydraulic valves and indicator lights. It is also possible to create smart systems with our MRS products.