Vision, Mission and Values of MRS Electronic Inc.

Why does a business really need a vision, mission and documented company values? Because it is a key part of company identification, integration and communication. You get a better understanding of what a company really does every day – the so-called corporate purpose. You can prepare and take action for the future and the associated requirements of the customer, market and competitors. We try to illustrate the whole enterprise and the "MRS feeling" to our employees and enable them to individually identify with MRS Electronic. For everyone else, these topics are intended to provide better orientation and classification of the company and its future goals and approaches. We want to give everyone interested in our company the opportunity to get to know and appreciate MRS.



MRS Vision

Our vision is to: Create exceptional Growths by providing Customer Value based on global Linking & Leveraging of unique HW and SW Competencies for new H2M/M2M/Analytics solutions

MRS Mission

Provide the concepts and products that connect the customer to innovation and success. We make the connection between you and innovation a possibility. These possibilities lead you to success through customized products and services that are at the forefront of technology.

MRS Value

Learn more about our values:

Integrity: We do what is right and finish what we committed to do

Innovation: We provide the value customers want in new and innovative ways

Diversity: We embrace and respect the uniqueness of all people

Excellence: We consistently set and meet high expectations

Corporate Responsibility: We engage with the communities we live and work in

Global Perspective: We aspire a world view and overcome boundaries